CityJS 2020


Deno, and The Future of JavaScript Runtimes

Deno is a secure runtime of JavaScript and TypeScript built in Rust. I have been working on it since its early prototype days and want to share some insights with you on what the current state of Deno is and runtimes in general. I will explain h...

Kitson P. Kelly


Rise of the Robots

Robots are used for industrial automation for more than 50 years. Yet in the last years, lots of open-source designs have been released. Also, modern JavaScript frameworks allow us to create rich and creative applications using top of the notch Io...

Theodore Vorillas


Build your own IoTshirt

Jo Balleti


MobX, or: Going from Mutable to Immutable to Reactive State Management

"MobX is a state management library that is used across the globe, by companies big and small, such as Microsoft, EA, Netflix, Amazon and so on. The library is renown for its ease of use and lack of boilerplate. But also, it is quite magical. ...

Michel Weststrate


Mo’Problems, Mo’Nads

Kyle Simpson is Director of Web Futures at Getify Solutions, where he envisions and evangelizes what's next for Open Web technologies, especially JS. He writes, speaks, teaches, and codes OSS.

Kyle Simpson


The State of Web Components

A decade in the making, Web Components, a standardised set of technologies allowing us to create reusable web components are now widely supported in modern browsers. In this presentation we will take a look at the overall architecture and some ...

Ana Cidre


Technology's Impact on Climate Change

"Let's talk climate change and how technology is escalating it. The Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, baby kangaroos, clumsy pandas... We have so much to be grateful for. The world around us is magnificent and power is in our hands to make sur...

Natalia Waniczek


theRiseOfTypeScript (rate: Meteoric | Meandering): Story[] { return History; }

As CEO of SitePen and co-founder of Dojo, Dylan Schiemann is an established presence in the JavaScript and open source communities.

Dylan Schiemann



Webpack 5 Module Federation

For years, we have never been able to consume or share modules from another standalone application. The nearest we had was externals or DLL Plugin. Both of which are not scalable or sustainable in large scale systems. For those who have built a mi...

Zack Jackson


RealTime Exoskeleton-Mapping and Body Segmentation on the Browser with Tensorflow.js

Are you already through in mapping your exoskeleton like Kinect and at the same time segment your body separable like your head, foot, hand and etc just by webcam? So, in this talk, we will show how we can implement a deep learning model with Tens...

Italo Jose


Building Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with Vue.js or ReactJS

Which language do you like: ReactJS or Vue.js? During this talk I walk through the process of building a Tesla’s Battery Range Calculator with ReactJS and Vue.js. I compare React and VueJS with each other in terms of syntax, speed of development (...

Peter Eijgermans




GraphQL Accelerated

GraphQL is a query language that is rapidly gaining wide adoption across the community. It combines type validation with a query and filtering syntax that makes it easy to get up-and-running with a powerful web API in almost no time. Features lik...

Matteo Collina



Simulating Network Conditions with JavaScript

When working with video streaming, being able to accurately simulate customer network conditions for development and testing is crucial. In this talk, I'll be looking at how we can use containers and server-side JavaScript to programmatically shap...

Patrick Kunka


Use Ai in your Website using Tensorflow.js

I will present how to make a digit recognizer using the MNIST dataset, all running inside a browser, I won't code it on the spot as it will waste time, rather slides will be shown with explanation along with the working app in the end, all under 1...

Pratham Prasoon


Machine Learning

NodeJS Scalibility Tips

"You finally built that amazing start up idea you had in mind for years and you did it using Node.js! That's Great! You just launched it on Hacker News and you are very happy and proud... but now more and more people are using it and you start to ...

Luciano Mammino



The Mysterious Life of Web Apps in the Background

When coding web apps, understanding the life cycle is crucial to offer the best possible experience. In this session, we will analyze the lifecycle of a web app on the desktop, Android, and iOS in different scenarios, such as what happens in the b...

Max Firtman


Reading Thoughts with JavaScript

An important skill people in tech need to have is learning how to combine unusual, unrelated concepts into things real people can use every day. JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world and it has the capabilities to handle...

Milecia McGregor



Depending on how it’s used, JavaScript can either make or break the accessibility of a site. This talk aims to cover all the ways to ensure accessibility of a website that’s dependent on JavaScript. Specific points to be addressed include - fallba...

Jemima Abu


A Real World Example of Functional Programming with fp-ts

Have you thought about learning Functional Programming, but have been daunted by all the technical jargon? Luckily, in this talk I won’t be exploring any technical concepts, and instead will be walking through a real-world Javascript project and d...

Frederick Fogerty


Front-end Testing on Steroids

Writing tests is like using GIT: as soon as you gain a bit of experience you wonder how you could work before discovering it. Why testing a front-end application is so hard? What are the main challenges you need to face? Why do the tests fail w...

Stefano Magni



Getting up to Speed with Deno

"In this talk, I would be Presentation of the new JavaScript Runtime called Deno the advantages like Security by Default, TypeScript first-class language, ES Modules, Distributed Package Management, Top-Level Await, Standard Library and more. T...

Shodipo Ayomide


NuxtJS: What's New

Nuxt.js, the intuitive web framework, has had some killer features recently released. Debbie will take you through those new features and shed some light on what is to come in Nuxt.js

Debbie O'brien



Little JavaScript Bundles of Joy

"Backend microservices are so hot right now, but it's still the norm for web apps to be big JavaScript monoliths. Problem is, the more people you have contributing, and the more code you add, the slower the build and deployment process becomes. ...

Sophie Koonin


Personality Hacking Using Node

"In this inspiring and fascinating talk, we use AI and NLP to analyse the big five personality traits of a song writer over the span of their career. We use digital drawings and data visualisations to create a well designed interactive web applica...

Anton McConville