Constructing Chaos Workflows with Argo and LitmusChaos

Sumit Nagal, Umasankar Mukkara at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

LitmusChaos is an open-source cloud-native Chaos Engineering framework for Kubernetes. It provides custom APIs (via CRDs) to orchestrate Chaos on your clusters while providing readily usable, off-the-shelf Chaos experiments via the ChaosHub. However, Litmus is also highly extensible and can orchestrate chaos experiments implemented using other tools in the ecosystem in its BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Chaos) mode. In this talk, the Litmus maintainers, Sumit (Intuit) & Uma (MayaData), will discuss how Intuit, a CNCF end-user, uses Litmus to manage & orchestrate experiments implemented using ChaosToolkit in a completely cloud-native way. They will also discuss a powerful DevOps pattern from Intuit that combines Litmus with Argo for the creation of "chaos workflows" that uses the Litmus Operator to execute chaos while simulating other workload behavior (percentage load, for example) in parallel.