Empowering Cloud Native Networking with Arm Ecosystem

HanYu Ding, Trevor Tao at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Arm ecosystem is becoming much more popular in cloud native applications than ever before with its increasing wide use. Arm devotes to be a cloud native vendor and puts much resources to enable related projects on its platform. In the presentation, the following key takeaways would be given but not limit to, which would exhibits our work on cloud native projects, especially for networking: 1. The reference cloud native reference stack, use cases and its supporting technologies on arm; 2. The enabled K8s networking solutions and service mesh for arm64 platform: Cilium, OVN-k8s, Envoy etc; 3. Senior features when meeting multi-interface requirements with SRIOV/DPDK by Multus/SRIOV CNI; 4. Performance evaluation and bottleneck fixing with the typical tunnel solutions(IPIP) used by most CNIs on arm with respect to x86; 5. Our exact contributions to the related OSS projects and future work