Evolution of Metric Monitoring and Alerting: Upgrade Your Prometheus Today

Bartlomiej Płotka, Björn Rabenstein, Julius Volz, Richard Hartmann at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Infrastructure metric monitoring is constantly evolving. Similarly, Prometheus, the most adopted observability tool in the CNCF ecosystem, is under active development and constantly growing. Every release brings something new or improves existing features to help increase the reliability and debuggability of modern clouds. But Prometheus is not about a single project anymore. There’s an ever-growing Prometheus Ecosystem, including Alertmanager, tons of exporters, standards, client libraries, and long term storage projects, enabling the best and truly cloud-native observability story for you. In the first part, Prometheus Maintainers will introduce you to the universe of reliable monitoring and alerting with metrics via Prometheus with specific and actionable examples. After that, we will make sure more experienced users can learn as well, by explaining the advanced usage patterns of the Prometheus and new, useful features available in the newest versions.