Harbor - Enterprise Cloud Native Artifact Registry

Alex Xu, Daniel Jiang, Steven Ren, Steven Zou at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Project Harbor is an open-source trusted cloud native registry project that stores, manages, signs, and scans content, thus resolving the management and distribution challenges of container image, Helm Chart, CNAB or other OCI compatible artifacts. In this presentation, the speakers will review and provide solutions to the challenges faced by organizations, including RBAC, content replication, vulnerability scanning, large scale content distribution, content trust (notary), webhook, tag retention, non-blocking GC, proxy cache and user defined artifact support etc.. Furthermore, the speakers are also going to share the future roadmap and challenges of Harbor including but not limited to K8s operator for Harbor, improvements of windows containers support, observability, networking(IPV6), backup & restore, and IAM&RBAC enhancements etc.. More importantly, the speakers would love to get feedback from Harbor users, contributors and partners to the current features and future roadmap.