A High-Schooler’s Guide to Kubernetes Network Observability

Drew Ripberger at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

The Kubernetes ecosystem provides fine attention to the use cases of almost all projects. At the same time, to a novice developer trying to break into distributed systems, Kubernetes can also be incredibly daunting at times. Kube-netc was a project developed by Drew Ripberger, a recent high school graduate turned summer intern at Nirmata. Kube-netc is built around creating all encompassing network observability. With eBPF capturing connection statistics and Prometheus exposing the processed metrics, kube-netc is a compelling example of how users can easily implement enhanced system awareness. Though prior to his internship, Drew had not used Kubernetes, or even heard of eBPF or Prometheus before getting assigned the project, this talk will take you through the creation of kube-netc and his journey from hacks and workarounds to utilizing everything that the CNCF ecosystem has to offer.