Service Mesh Specifications and Why They Matter in Your Deployment

Kush Trivedi, Lee Calcote at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

As the ubiquity of service meshes unfolds so does the need for vendor and technology-agnostic interfaces to interact with them. The Service Mesh Interface (SMI), the Service Mesh Performance Specification (SMPS), and Multi-Vendor Service Mesh Interoperation (Hamlet) are three open specifications solving the challenge of interoperability, workload and performance management between service meshes. Learn what makes each of these specifications unique and why they are very much needed. See each of these three specifications in-action as we use Meshery, the open source service mesh management plane to demonstrate the value and functionality of each service mesh abstraction, and the adherence of these specifications by Istio, Linkerd, Consul and other popular service meshes.