Kubernetes VMware User Group Intro: Best Practices for Running on VMware

Myles Gray, Steven Wong at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

This will be a presentation by organizers and members of the Kubernetes VMware User Group. This group addresses running all forms of Kubernetes on VMware infrastructure. The group exists to serve users, along with those who develop, test and support running K8s on vSphere and desktop hypervisors. This group is also here to support those building/using cluster installation tooling for VMware hypervisors. Agenda: - Overview of vSphere cloud provider and related storage plugins – with coverage of recent features/changes. - Recommended path for migration from the deprecated in-tree storage plugin to CSI. - New features for running Kubernetes on "desktop" hypervisors. - How to get involved in the User Group to meet other users to share advice and experiences.