Kubernetes CronJobs - Does Anyone Actually Use This [in Production]?

Kevin Yang at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Considering CronJob? Think again! CronJobs sound great on paper–a higher-order API built on the bread and butter of K8s that automates fault tolerance, orchestration, etc., for distributed, repetitive tasks. On top of that, you benefit from efficient resource usage when your cron is idle. Who wouldn't want that? At Lyft, we run hundreds of CronJobs on our platform; however, the road to get there was not easy. In this talk, Kevin will dive deep into the guts of CronJobs, discuss subtle issues like how the control-plane can get bogged down at scale, and share how we addressed these problems in our K8s stack (including forking and patching Kubernetes itself!). You will leave with a better understanding of the trade-offs of CronJob and what features to look for in a cron solution to make your developers (and you) happy.