Observability Brings Clarity in 5G World

Praveen George, Yamini Sridaran at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard for running 5G core virtual network functions (VNFs) - a set of standards defined applications, each implemented as dozens of microservices and often run across multiple K8s clusters. Centralized monitoring, early detection of problems, and deep troubleshooting tools are essential to ensure telco-grade availability of this complex set of inter-connected microservices. In this talk we present our experience building and using our telco observability platform using CNCF projects. This platform provides: End to End 5G call tracing across multiple VNFs using Jaeger 5G network performance monitoring using 1000s of base and derived metrics using Prometheus Fault detection and troubleshooting using AlertManager, Fluentd and Kibana Attend this talk to learn how observability brings clarity to complex, high-reliability applications such as 5G VNFs.