gRPC Communication Patterns – A Deep Dive

Danesh Kuruppu, Kasun Indrasiri at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Real-World microservices implementations often use a variety of communication protocols and standards to build different services. gRPC has emerged as an efficient, reliable, and robust way to build inter-microservice communication owing to its rich service definition capabilities with protocol buffers, a variety of language support, and high performance. In this session, we will discuss how gRPC can be used to build inter-microservices communications. In this talk, we’ll explore fundamental gRPC communication patterns; Unary RPC, Server-side Streaming, Client-side Streaming, and Bi-directional Streaming, Understanding when and how to use gRPC Interceptors, Deadlines, Cancellation, Error Handling, Multiplexing, and Metadata, a network analysis of how gRPC communication works behind the scenes.