Multi-Cluster is Easier Than You Think with Linkerd and Ambassador

Daniel Bryant, Thomas Rampelberg at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Multicluster is becoming the new norm; practically everyone runs multiple dev and staging clusters, and running multiple cross-AZ/DC production clusters is a best practice for high availability. However, connecting multiple clusters is often seen as challenging. We’re here to convince you that it’s easy to get started with Linkerd and Ambassador. Join Thomas and Daniel to learn: - The motivations for cross-cluster communication - Key requirements for multi-cluster comms, including: providing a unified trust domain, separating failure domains, support heterogeneous networks, and providing a unified model with in-cluster comms. - An exploration of the “service mirror” pattern and how this is implemented within Linkerd - How to connect and manage an Ingress to a multi-cluster deployment using service mirroring (including live demo)