Persistent Memory in Kubernetes

Patrick Ohly at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

The term persistent memory (PMEM) is used to describe technologies which allow programs to access data as memory, directly byte-addressable, while the contents are non-volatile, preserved across power cycles. It has aspects that are like memory, and aspects that are like storage. Instead of replacing them, persistent memory is a third tier that sits in the middle. With this new ingredient, systems containing persistent memory can outperform legacy configurations, providing faster start-up times, faster access to large in-memory datasets, and often improved total cost of ownership. This talk will present the concept, briefly describe the available hardware (IntelĀ® Optaneā„¢ Persistent Memory), and then cover PMEM-CSI, a storage driver that makes PMEM available to applications running inside a Kubernetes cluster.