CRI-O: The Runtime Control Room

Mrunal Patel, Peter Hunt, Sascha Grunert, Urvashi Mohnani at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

There are many ways to customize the underlying container runtime in Kubernetes. Where Kubernetes API offers many knobs for tuning your workloads, using CRI-O gives you access to even more. CRI-O is a container runtime that provides an incubation space for new runtime features in a secure way. It exposes lower-level features with container annotations, runtime classes, and configuration variables, giving admins control over how and when these features are available, and paving a path for their eventual stabalization and wider adoption in Kubernetes. Join the CRI-O maintainers Peter Hunt, Sascha Grunert, Urvashi Mohnani and Mrunal Patel as they give an introduction of CRI-O and walk through the features and knobs CRI-O exposes.