Enhancing the Kubernetes Scheduler for Diverse Workloads in Large Clusters

Yan Xu, Yuan Chen at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

As a wide diversity of workloads are being deployed in Kubernetes, the default scheduler has become insufficient in the light of scheduling performance and functionality. In this talk, Yuan Chen and Yan Xu will present their experience and results of leveraging the Kubernetes scheduling framework and developing new plugins to create a custom scheduler. The scheduler can meet different scheduling needs of diverse workloads in large scale clusters, from stateless to stateful services, big data jobs and machine learning applications. They will deep dive into (1) the design and implementation of the scheduling plugins for performance optimization, custom pod placement and group scheduling, and (2) the use of plugins and scheduling profiles to achieve a better balance between scheduling performance and quality. New features and enhancements of the scheduling framework will also be discussed.