Building Better Communication for Kubernetes Contributors with Marketing

Kaslin Fields, Matthew Broberg, Rajula Vineet Reddy at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

The Upstream Marketing Working Group began as a vision to connect contributors. It's grown into a set of practices, channels, and bots that unite us all across the Kubernetes community. We will show our theory of multichannel communication (and the four types of messages across the 4+ channels of discussion), examples of what our help looks like, and how you can ask for support. In the Deep Dive, we cover (1) Storytelling. We will give a walkthrough for writing a great story, including key takeaways around narrative, call to action (CTA), and structure. Along the way, we'll highlight tips to publish a blog, including collaboration with the Blog team. (2) Technology. While we're starting this WG to bring marketing practices to Kubernetes, communication benefits from the right amount of YAML. We have a Slack and Twitter bot we'd love for you to get to know. Bringing these parts together, attendees will have a vision for how this WG supports others and why you should join in the fun.