Tune It Up! Enabling Low Latency in Kubernetes Clusters

Francesco Romani, Yanir Quinn at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Now that Kubernetes has conquered the cloud it’s time for it to move on other domains, like CNF (Cloud-native Network Functions), the cornerstone of 5G deployments! However, to make that happen, we need to address an important limitation: ensuring low latency. In this talk we will first and foremost give an overview of the most important setting relevant to optimal low-latency behaviour, demonstrating the level of detail we can achieve in fine-tuning a cluster. We will explore the kubelet settings (topology and cpu manager), the kernel settings on the node (using tuned) and how they interact to deliver the workload guarantees. The talk will help in gaining a better understanding of what Kubernetes provides for this specific and demanding class of workload, considering the planned enhancements coming in the next releases, like the kubelet memory manager.