Tutorial: Say Goodbye to YAML Engineering with the CDK for K8s

Elad Ben-Israel, Nathan Taber at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Applications running on Kubernetes are composed of dozens of resources maintained through an intricate collection of carefully maintained YAML files. As applications evolve and teams grow, these files become hard to manage and reuse — copying & pasting from previous projects is not the solution! The CDK for Kubernetes (cdk8s) is a new open-source software development framework for defining Kubernetes applications and resources using familiar programming languages. In this tutorial, the creators of cdk8s show you how to define your first cdk8s application, design a reusable construct and package it as a library, and generally say goodbye (and thank you very much) to writing in YAML. Bring your laptops set up with your favorite development environment in one of the supported languages (TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Java, or .NET).