Inside Kubernetes Ingress

Dominik Tornow at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Kubernetes Ingress is a core abstraction of Kubernetes: K8s Ingress grants access to K8s HTTP Services from outside the K8s Cluster. In effect, K8s Ingress exposes your HTTP application to the outside world. However, even experienced K8s users struggle to reason about K8s Ingress end-to-end. Using a systems modeling approach, this presentation will explore K8s Ingress to connect the dots between K8s Nodes, K8s Services, K8s Endpoints, the Ingress Resource, and the Ingress Controller. You will leave with an accurate, concise, and holistic understanding of how Kubernetes Ingress - in concert with other core Kubernetes Resources - enables scalable and reliable applications hosted on Kubernetes. Walk away with a dependable mental model of every aspect of Kubernetes Ingress and comfortably contrast K8s Ingress with alternative abstractions like the Ambassador API Gateway.