Taking Envoy Beyond C++ with WebAssembly

Idit Levine, Yuval Kohavi at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Envoy is the leading proxy for handling cloud-native application traffic at the edge and in the service mesh for its performance, speed and extensibility. The extensibility is in the form of filters that are configured in the proxy that shape, secure and manage the traffic that flows through it. These filters are only written in limited to those developers That is until WebAssembly (wasm) entered the picture, making Envoy filters effectively polyglot. Through wasm, the deployment of the filters is isolated making secure, resilient to failure and able to deploy without a restart This demo filled session will deep dive into - how WebAssembly works with Envoy - dev and ops workflow to build and deploy filters with wasm - demo examples of wasm filters