Panel: Linux in the Kubernetes Era: Does The OS Still Matter?

Darren Shepherd, Dusty Mabe, Kiko Reis, Tasha Drew, Vincent Batts at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

With the end of life of the original “Container Linux” (CoreOS), what is the future for the key underlying component of any Kubernetes deployment: the operating system? While many are opting for general-purpose distributions like Ubuntu or CentOS, there is a healthy ecosystem of Kubernetes- and container-optimized distros, as well as new container-specific kernel features. This panel, bringing together representatives from the key Kubernetes Linux vendors, will review the current state of Linux for cloud native workloads, the areas being worked on by the community, and the pros/cons of different approaches from an end-user perspective. Discussion topics will include improved kernel support for containers, minimal vs general purpose distros, and loose vs tightly coupled approaches to distributing Linux+Kubernetes.