Managing Cloud Native Artifacts for Large Scale Kubernetes Cluster

Henry Zhang, Mingming Pei at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

When managing artifacts like container images and Helm charts for cloud native apps, users often face challenges such as efficiently publishing applications to Kubernetes cluster at scale, enforcing access control, identifying image vulnerabilities and backing up cloud native artifacts. In this talk, we introduce real-world use cases for managing images and Helm charts in CI/CD pipeline and production environment. The cases are summarized from production users of Kubernetes, including these aspects: 1. Setting up a highly available and scale-out registry service for a Kubernetes cluster 2. Synchronizing images and Helm charts of cloud native applications across multiple cloud environments or data centers 3. Preventing images with vulnerabilities from getting into production 4. Using P2P approach to efficiently distribute images in a large cluster 5. Integrated management in CI/CD