Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group: Using Event Driven Architecture at Edge

Dejan Bosana, Steven Wong at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Many use cases at edge face resource limits which challenge the deployment of full K8s clusters, or even single nodes, at the edge “leaf” nodes. We will introduce some techniques that can be used to process edge generated data and commands using Kubernetes hosted applications and services in a loosely coupled tiered distributed system. Agenda: - Characteristics and challenges of Edge Applications. - Introduction to event driven architecture - What is it? How do you deploy and manage it at edge. - Using open source based event driven tools to host data collection and IoT processing on small devices feeding into K8s hosted applications and services. - Demonstration using edge generated CloudEvents with a Kubernetes hosted application. - How to get involved in the K8s IoT Edge Working Group.