Tutorial: Building an Enterprise Infrastructure Control Plane on Kubernetes

Daniel Mangum at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Enterprise infrastructure is diverse, complex, and difficult to automate. What if you could standardize on a single infrastructure control plane using the Kubernetes API? In this tutorial we will cover how to build Kubernetes controllers to manage infrastructure across enterprise infrastructure providers using the crossplane-runtime library, taking examples from the work that Mastercard has done to build a cohesive service catalog based on Kubernetes CRDs. Attendees will walk away with a functioning controller and building blocks for developing their own enterprise control plane. Topics covered will include: - Modeling Resources like Virtual Machines and Databases as Kubernetes CRDs - Sharing reconciler logic across controllers - Translating imperative API calls into declaratively managed Kubernetes objects Attendees should have Git, Go, and Docker installed prior to this session.