Virtual Application Networks for Cloud Native Applications

Ted Ross at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

The Internet is built for client-server architectures. Cloud-native software needs better abstractions for service interconnect. Learn about Virtual Application Networks (VANs) and how they advance the capabilities of cloud-native applications. Identify and access services deployed in remote clusters, balance workload across clusters, and multicast across clusters. Create multi-cluster networks where private and edge networks are involved, IP subnetworks overlap, and topology is redundant. In this session, we will introduce the Skupper project as a VAN implementation. We will then demonstrate how a VAN can be stood up by a non-privileged developer and how it solves many vexing multi-cluster communications problems. The demonstration will involve a multi-cluster network, in a redundant but not full-mesh topology, running an HTTP-based application in both public and private data centers.