A Different Kind of Kubernetes Artifact

Paris Pittman at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Kubernetes most well known artifacts are in forms of manifest files (we’re no stranger to yaml), container images, and its objects among other things. What about it’s cultural artifacts? What are they? Throughout history, we’ve leaned on cultural artifacts to help us tell stories of the past that help shape our future. Those artifacts didn’t stop with ancient periods; they build in communities of the present, even open source communities like ours. Some of these are in git repos spread across the org, others in our hearts. Our most well known cultural artifact, the Kubernetes heptagon and wheel logo, has several stories that many of you have already heard, we’ll build on those and more in this talk. In 15 minutes, Nikhita and Paris from Kubernetes Steering Committee will tell a story of the last five years of artifacts that have been created and impacted the most by its contributors.