Stress and Mental Health in Technology

Jennifer Akullian at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2020

Jennifer (psychologist and founder of GCI) will deep dive into the impact of industry stress and burnout. Research suggests the prevalence of diagnosed mental health conditions in tech professionals ranges between 20-50%. While this is notably high, mental health is further exacerbated by stress, a condition nearly all professionals in technology grapple with. Attendees are encouraged to view one of Jennifer’s 2019 Kubecon talks prior to attending “Stress and Mental Health in Technology.” In her follow-up, time will be dedicated to the impact of stress on productivity and effectiveness, and will include ways in which its aversive effects can be managed. Why are so many professionals in tech burning out? Why are so many diagnosed with mental health conditions? Why is working in technology so stressful? Why is stress minimized and accepted as part of the job? Why aren't we giving this more attention considering the impact work-related stress has on nearly every area of our lives, including overall functioning, health and well-being? What can we do about this? Come learn more about this pertinent topic and be part of the discussion with dedicated time for Q&A.