An Average Working Day on Visionary NASA Projects

Kenneth Harris II at GOTOpia Europe 2020

We built a time machine. The incredible James Webb Space Telescope is said to study light from some of the first stars. Giving scientists a cutting edge observatory 2 million miles from Earth! But what did it take to build this incredible satellite? What does it take to build any of these phenomenal satellites at NASA and other agencies.
Senior Engineer, Kenneth Harris has been working on missions at NASA since he was 16 years old. Completing everything from radiation testing to full scale integration. Now 12 years and 6 missions later he’s here to share what skills he still uses from his early education, what the future of engineering will look like and how you can empower the future generation of explorers.
Join us for a powerful keynote that will leave you anxious to not only advance your career but to look for the next great explorer.