RustFest Global 2020


The Anatomy of Error Messages in Rust

How are Rust’s best-in-class error messages constructed? To figure that out, we’ll be digging through parts of rustc to uncover tidbits of this process. We’ll also take a high-level look at how some other programming languages construct error mess...

Sean Chen


Rust as foundation in a polyglot development environment

TerminusDB (open source versioned collaboration database) is a small polyglot software house that switched from C++. The change has enabled big improvements in speed and reduction in hunting for hard-to-find re-entrance, locking and memory safety ...

Gavin Mendel-Gleason, Matthijs van Otterdijk


Architect a High-performance SQL Query Engine in Rust

This talk introducs a high-performance open source SQL query engine written in Rust and its friend C, from scratch. More at

Jin Mingjian


Rust for Safer Protocol Development

The Rust philosophy is to use the type system to catch program design flaws at compile time. We aim to do the same for network protocols: we generate a typed model of protocol data, from which we can automatically generate protocol parsers in Rust...

Vivian Band


Using Rust in Metal Fabrication

Selecting a programming language has far-reaching implications for any development team, affecting everything from new employee training to system architecture... More at



Piecing together Rust: It is more than just writing code

Learning new things is hard, especially if it's a new language ecosystem. This talk aims to help beginners in getting started with Rust, without having to do it the hard way. We will try to cover important, foundational tools and concepts spanning...

Tarun Pothulapati


Everything is serialization

Let's peek under the hood of serialization formats and see how properties inherent to the data representations themselves will either help or hinder us for a given problem. Learn what to consider when writing your own formats by looking inside ...

Zac Burns


Considering Rust for scientific software

This talk is about how Rust can help you write fast, correct scientific software. We'll investigate what makes Rust a viable alternative to the the conventional choices of Python and C++ but will also take a look at the challenges and potential do...

Max Orok


RFC: Secret types in Rust

Using empty asm!() directives and empty functions, this talk will show how we can circumvent LLVM's optimizations, and make our binaries secure again. However, these tricks are ugly and unsupported on the stable channel. We need something bigger t...

Daan Sprenkels, Diane Hosfelt


Rust for Artists. Art for Rustaceans.

Art is a search process. When we create something, we mentally navigate a space of possibilities, searching for an artistic solution to evoking a desired sensation. In this talk I will walk you through an example of translating artistic search int...

Anastasia Opara


Rust for Freshmen

Rust is a notably hard language to learn, but its safety guarantees teach valuable skills that can be applied across the industry. Is it possible for college programs to teach Rust to freshman to instill these skills in their students? More at ...

Colton Donnelly


Build your own (Rust-y) robot!

Let's discover how to adapt an easy, popular and beloved Arduino project to Rust! The obstacle avoiding robot is perfect to discover no-std Rust and make a cute robot to play with. More at

Aïssata Maiga


Ochre: Highly portable GPU-accelerated vector graphics

As screen resolutions and refresh rates increase, user interfaces increasingly need to make use of GPU acceleration in order to achieve good performance and battery life. However, the wide range of existing GPU feature sets and APIs makes it diffi...



Learning Rust with Humility and in Three Steps

When learning Rust, it is tempting to use advanced features and crates right away. But this can be overwhelming and lead to frustration. In this talk, you will get hints on how to learn Rust step by step, using a careful, structured approach and s...

Stefan Baerisch


Learnable Programming with Rust

Lowering the barrier for new Rust developers or library users is something I have always been passionate about. I believe that with WebAssembly and new compiler tools we can - and should - achieve better and easier explanations of complex concepts...

Nikita Baksalyar


Project Necromancy: How to Revive a Dead Rust Project

In the past two months we have been collaborating to revive a flawed project through effective planning, refactoring, and documentation. In this talk we will go over the important points that made our collaboration and revival of this project a su...

Micah Tigley, Carlo Supina


Miri, Undefined Behavior and Foreign Functions

Do you want to write unsafe Rust but don't know how to check its soundness? Do you suspect that your program has Undefined Behavior but you have no way to test it? Are you looking for a cool Rust-related project to contribute to? Then this talk is...

Christian Poveda


Tier 3 Means Getting Your Hands Dirty

My simple embedded Rust code was broken, and I couldn't figure out why. Let me walk you through what I did to find & fix a bug in the compiler. We'll take a whirlwind tour, pausing at each step for a gentle introduction to the tools and ideas, unt...

Andrew Dona-Couch


Think About Front-end Web Development with Rust

With the recent advances in Webassembly and Rust toolchains that support it are making it possible to develop web frontend applications with rust alone. In this talk, I'll report on the current state of front-end web development with Rust and disc...

Yosuke Onoue