GOTOpia February 2021


The DiRT on Chaos Engineering at Google

A shallow dive into 15 years of Chaos Engineering at Google, the lessons we've learned performing many thousands of disaster tests on production systems, and some tips on how to approach getting started with Chaos Engineering at your own ...

Jason Cahoon

Let’s Make It Easy

"So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work." ~ Peter Drucker Why does it have to be so difficult? It seems clear that there is often a "right way" or "best practice" for many tasks in the modern workp...

Woody Zuill

Embarking on Your Security Journey

Join Seth on this interactive journey where you’ll learn best practices (and best anti-practices) for building and managing a secure software system. You’ll leave with concrete tips for improving your security posture, fun stories from the field,...

Seth Vargo


Practical Cloud Native: What Works, What Doesn't

The way things fail changes when you move to cloud native. These systems are much more complicated to run and you can’t just hand them over to a separate operations team — but the ability to release changes quickly and deliver real business value ...

Sarah Wells



Risks in Systems Design: Chaos Engineering in Apps & Cloud Security

Chaos engineering has significantly increased in popularity over the past 5 years. And yet, chaos engineering as applied to application, information, and cloud security still remains limited. As we embrace cloud native technologies and applicatio...

Crystal Hirschorn




Hybrid Intelligence: First Rate Humans, Not Second Class Robots

In light of the recent deep learning driven success of AI in both corporate and social life there has been a growing fear of human displacement and a related call to develop IA (intelligence augmentation) rather than pure AI. In reality, most cur...

Jacob Sherson

Machine Learning

Combining Chaos, Observability & Resilience to get Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering is becoming common practice for development teams. Many companies and technology experts have done a great job promoting a premise: "Reliability" is the most important feature in software applications. "Resilience" combined with ...

Yury Niño

Making Chaos Engineering Boring: Debunking Myths Hampering Adoption

Chaos Engineering offers some of the best ROI your teams can get: a little bit of experimentation can prevent colossal problems. But like any new technology, it needs to move through the adoption curve, from the obscure into the mainstream. In thi...

Miko Pawlikowski

Streaming with Structure

Using a publish-subscribe messaging system like Apache Kafka is a great way to minimise coupling between your applications. The stream history that Kafka provides allow consumers to come and go, without the producers ever being aware. This work...

Katherine Stanley



Prerequisites for Chaos Engineering

Chaos Engineering is often characterized as “breaking things in production” which lends it an air of something only feasible for elite or sophisticated organizations. In practice, it’s been a key element in digital transformation from the ground u...

Courtney Nash

Incident Analysis Before Chaos Engineering

Nora has practiced chaos engineering at Slack, and, she's co-written two books on chaos engineering and has talked about chaos to an audience of over 40k at AWS re:Invent. Nora will move beyond the oft-used tropes of breaking th...

Nora Jones

Deprecating Simplicity - Building a New Test Culture

When engineering teams take on a new project, they often optimize for performance, availability, or fault tolerance. More experienced teams can optimize for these properties simultaneously. Now add an additional property: feature velocity. Organiz...

Casey Rosenthal

Improving Business Resiliency with Chaos Engineering

An uninterrupted, enjoyable customer experience is the main goal in Prime Video, but they operate in a world of distributed services, network interruptions, and variable workload on our services. How do you run a reliable service in a world full o...

Olga Hall

Kickstarting Your Azure Pipeline with Templates

Azure pipeline templates are a powerful way of scaling your CI/CD pipelines throughout your organization. When combining it with software engineering practices it becomes a powerful tool in speeding up the build and release work done by DevOps tea...

Wouter Ligtenberg, Cosmin Mitescu, Florin Ioanitescu



How Google SRE and Developers Work Together

Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) are Google's specialists for designing, building, and running complex services that are reliable, scalable, efficient, and maintainable. The SRE Engagement Model describes how the collaboration between developers a...

Christof Leng



From Experimentation to Products: The Production Machine Learning Journey

A machine learning (ML) journey typically starts with trying to understand the world, and looking for data that describes it. This leads to an experimentation phase, where we try to use that data to model the parts of the world that we’re interest...

Robert Crowe

Machine Learning

Scale, Flow and Microservices

Recent research summarised in the book Accelerate points to a set of practices that lead to high software development organization performance. Simultaneously, research from the Santa Fe Institute on complex adaptive systems over the last 20 year...

James Lewis



Looking Back to Look Forward

Chaos engineering has emerged as the best method for uncovering hidden issues, monitoring blind spots, and performance bottlenecks that can be challenging to find in modern, distributed systems. Chaos engineering has come a long way recently and i...

Adrian Hornsby


GraphQL Anywhere - Our Journey With GraphQL Mesh & Schema Stitching

During the work with many different clients from all shapes and sizes, The Guild had to come up with all kinds of innovative solutions to help customers achieve the most out of GraphQL and help adopt it more easily. During this talk, Uri will unv...

Uri Goldshtein


Dungeons, Dragons & Developers

You enter the dungeon, as the echoes of your footsteps sound around you, something catches your eye — is that… oh, oh no. You grab your trusty sword and with your fellow adventurers, you seek to overcome the mighty challenge that lays ahead of yo...

Matt Brunt


Soft Skills

How Microteams Change the Way We Collaborate. Again

Introducing the next evolution in autonomous collaboration in the age of agile and remote working Over the years, the way organizations and teams operate in software development has changed quite a bit. From projects where teams were sliced verti...

Sander Hoogendoorn


Leadership During Chaos

In this talk, Ranganathan covers the history of how chaos engineering evolved from hunter-gatherers to software engineering teams. He takes parallels of chaos and styles of leadership from orchestra, marine, rowing, and software engineering. Then ...

Ranganathan Balashanmugam